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Christmas Play 2013: Children of the World - 13 December 2013

This year's Christmas production was entitled 'Children of the World' and was a cracking success! The Year 4 children acted out scenes which built up a story of how Christian children in different countries celebrate Christmas. This was a superb opportunity for them to learn about other traditions and customs and we are extremely proud of them for all the hard work they put in. Their acting was excellent: they had quite a task to remember all their lines and stage drections. Also, they sang beautifully to their 5 different songs, and used signing effectively too.

The children from all the other classes made colourful and entertaining contributions when they each came in to sing and sign to a song from one of the countries of the world. Reception class sang a song with a Chinese theme, and also performed a little dance. The Year 1 children sang and signed to a Polish song. Year 2 were our gospel choir from the USA and Year 3 were having fun on the beach as Australians.

It was clear from the children's enthusiasm that they loved being part of the play this year. As a staff we are extremely proud of each and every one of them for their hard work in acting, singing, signing and also their excellent standard of behaviour. Excellent effort, children!

A big thank you also to all the staff and parents who helped out with preparations for the set, for providing costumes and helping out on performance days. We couldn't do it all without your help and support.