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Celebrando Suramerica! - 15 June 2014

Celebrating South America! 

To complement the summer season of the World Cup in Brazil, this year's Arts Week focussed on South America. The whole school took part in painting lessons with local artist, Martin Rumary, salsa dance lessons with Kaye Morgan-Anstee and the PTA gave the children delicious fruit to sample.

Each class learnt about a different aspect of South America and produced wonderful crafts with a South American flavour. Reception Class learnt about Peruvian weavings and made beautiful woven plates, and learnt about life in Sao Paulo's favelas. In Year 1, the children made colourful carnival masks and recorded all their knowledge about South America on giant mind-maps. Year 2 worked hard on basket weaving and made interesting information books. Year 3 also made information books, designed wonderful carnival outfits and really enjoyed making Amazon feather necklaces. Finally Year 4 wrote comprehensive information books about South America, drew some detailed sketches of Christ the Redeemer and were taught how to use a potters wheel. They then made their own beautiful Peruvian pots!

The children's work will be displayed at the school's Art Exhibition after school on Monday 23rd June, with a VIP (invitation only) showing on Tuesday 24th June.