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Monday 4th May

1. The Daily Five - Maths

In maths every Monday we focus on learning and consolidating our number bonds. I would like this to continue every Monday over the school closures.


Today please can your child complete the fifth number bonds sheet in their resource pack. This should now be number bonds to 20. Could they then follow this by completing the second number bonds challenge 2 which can also be found in the initial pack. If you have already used any of these worksheet resources, they can be found to re print on the year one home learning page under resources you may need everyday.


When they have finished, they can practice counting in 5's using the worksheet provided under 'today's resources'. 


In year one the national curriculum states that children need to be able to give number bonds to 10 with quick recall. This means that an adult shouts a number e.g. 4 and the child can quickly respond the number to make 10 '6' with little thought.


This is why we place such a big emphasis on practising number bonds to 10 in year 1, if they are completing the written number bonds task quickly, test their mental bonds to see if these are embedded. When they have mastered number bonds to 10 with quick mental recall, this will set them up for success in their maths work when they are older. 


2. The Daily Five - Literacy


Today I would like the children to focus on using question marks at the end of sentences. The children will need to write out these sentences in their books and decide whether it will need a full stop or a question mark if it is a question sentence. 


How old is your dog 


My mum is 32 years old


Today is Monday


Would you like some chocolate


I really want to go back to school soon


When are we going back to school


Then I would like the children to focus on their handwriting in their work books. For handwriting at this stage in their development we focus on letter formation Please see the letter formation guidance on the home learning page under 'resources you may need everyday'. The document is called 'handwriting.pdf'.


Today I would like the children to practice half of the letters in the one armed robot family b, p, k completing a line of every letter. The k is notoriously tricky, please allow extra practice for this letter. 


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time/Be Active

Use chalk to create a giant rainbow on any patio you might have outside your home in support of the NHS. 


4. The Daily Five - Project

We need to learn more about our own homes in preparation for the next 2 weeks of our project.


Each day in your workbook I would like you to consider each of the main rooms in your house (Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom) and describe what things we have in them and the things we do in them. We need to do this because over the next 2 weeks we will be comparing our homes to homes around the world and homes in the past. 


Example - Kitchen: I will write kitchen at the top of my page as a title. Draw a picture of my kitchen. List the things I have in my kitchen (Oven, Hob, Sink, food, drinks). Then I will describe what we use the kitchen for. (In the kitchen we keep our food and cook our dinner).


5. The Daily Five - Phonics

We have already finished learning phase 5 new sounds, how brilliant is this! Whilst I believe that parents shouldn't be made to deliver new teaching, we still don't know how long the schools will be closed for and I didn't want some of the children moving up to year 2 with no phase 5 input. When we go back to school, the children will go back over phase 5 so they aren't at any disadvantage. Phase 5 is very thorough and is much larger than just learning the new sounds, maple group have already begun phase 5b and pine group will start this when we are back at school - it is to complex to begin at home. 


We will now be focusing on consolidating phase 5 sounds. Today I would like the children to practice applying their new sounds to complete the given worksheet found under 'todays resources'.  



Today's Resources: