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Monday 4th May

Good morning Year 2, I am looking forward to another week of learning and having some fun too!

Ms Green says: I absolutely loved seeing the video
Tom says hello too have a great week!

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Mental Maths:  Subtraction Facts:

Triangle and Square Groups: write as many as you can for 51.  For example:  51 – 20 =­­___, 51- 34 =___  and so on.   Have you spotted a pattern?

Circle and Star Groups:  write as many as you can for 31.  For example:  31 – 20 =­­___, 31- 14 =___   and so on.  Have you spotted a pattern?


White Rose Maths:  PARENTS (We are a week behind so please click the link find week one lesson 4.)


Let’s get started:




FLASHBACK 4:  have 16 counters, buttons, pieces of pasta or raisins ready.  You also need a square piece of paper folded in 4.  You can draw a number line and subtract from 100 and count back 3 tens and 7.




Today’s lesson is all about Measuring Length (cm = centimetres  and m = metre)

(Estimating – guessing using what we might know already about measure).

REMEMBER if you get stuck you can watch the video again to have another go!

Then have a go at the activity – I wonder how much the length of your house actually is?


2. The Daily Five - Literacy


TODAY'S Phonics: 

Pine and Maple group:  This week we are going to go through the sounds we have learnt already.  Today we are completing a worksheet with the sounds we have learnt.  Please write each word two times.


Holly Group: This week's sound is -ur like hurt or burger or blur.

Watch the Mr Thorne Does Phonics -ur on You Tube, this will give you a clear pronunciation of the sound

Watch Mr Thorne twice, the first time just watch it then the second time pause after each word and copy it into your workbook.  Then you can practice each word two more times.


Oak Group: 

Watch Mr Thorne does possessive apostrophes using this link:  Watch it once through once and then watch it again.

This time at the end of this page is a worksheet for you to complete.  Have a go at 2 of them.


3. The Daily Five - Exercise and Outside Time


This week we are going to do our exercises with Yoga Kids:


4. The Daily Five – Project

This week we are learning all about the 75th anniversary of V.E. Day.

To learn more about it read: The 75th Anniversary of V.E. Day document.  Tomorrow we will be doing interesting activities.


5. The Daily Five – Reading and Writing

We are looking at whales this week.  There are quite a few different types of whale which you are going to look at.  Today we are revising how to describe nouns using adjectives and similes.

Now take time to watch this story it is called Whale Words: It is on Year 2 Class Story on Class Dojo.


We are now going to have another look at Similes


We can use Similes in two ways:

We can say what the thing we are describing is like:

  • Its skin was blue like a summer’s sky.


  • The whale jumped out of the sea like a rocket.



Or we can use the word as, twice:

  • Its skin was as blue as a summer’s sky.


  • The whale jumped out of the water as fast as a rocket.


Now in your work book have a go at looking at some of the whales in my video and when you choose your whale write 2 sentences use each of the different similes.

(I would love to see them on Class Dojo)