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Monday 4th May

Good Morning Everyone! it's Marvellous Monday!

I walked along the beach to see if the       Mrs T has been keeping up her running

sea was in. It wasn't, but it was really       and having a well-deserved glass of water

windy again!  You can just about see the

lighthouse in the background!

Daily 5

1. Maths

Lesson 1 - Multiply 2-digit number by 1 digit number
Watch the video then complete the White Rose Maths questions next to the video


Don't forget to exchange the Ones first and then the Tens

Remember if we use Part Whole. we are multiplying the Ones first and then the Tens. We are finding 3 sevens, and then 3 twenties.


You can find the BBC Bitesize video here, if you need extra practise:

2. Literacy

We are going to write the second and third part of the story.

This time you need to introduce your King or Queen. You need to describe them in detail using fronted adverbials

In your third part, you are going to grant your Main Character one wish. You will need to remember how to write speech correctly for this:

Remember the punctuation goes inside the Inverted commas. (download the pdf below to help remember the Direct Speech Punctuation rules)

Spelling Shed

Don't forget to practise this week's spellings on Spelling Shed

Ms B group is learning about "ation" words and Mrs T group is learning "ff becomes -ve for plurals"

In addition I have added a Common Exception word list for you to practise too.

I am monitoring your results so please have a go.

You can also practise these spellings in your new Spelling Book donated by our lovely PTA


3. Outside Time


This week is Hedgehog Awareness Week!

Be a hedgehog detective

Launch an investigation to see whether you’ve had any prickly visitors in your garden.





Use the BIG Hedgehog Map for initial lines of enquiry,


Then your best exploratory skills to search for tracks and signs.

Click on the link to see what tracks and signs to look for

4. Project

V.E Day
This Friday will be a Bank Holiday it has been made specially to honour the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

V.E stands for Victory in Europe and VE Day commemorates the formal acceptance of Nazi Germany’s surrender by the allied forces at the end of the Second World War.


Have a look at the file attached to learn all about how people celebrated V.E day 75 years ago and then complete the worksheet "VE Day Thoughts"



5. Reading

The Wexbridge Crier



1.  Which word explains that the news arriving at the air base was good news?

2. What does the word 'prevailed' mean?

3. Which phrase tells you that instead of celebrating, the people were now worried?

4. What does "such an eventuality" mean?