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Monday 30th March

Good Morning from Miss Eggby! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Your daily 5 is ready for you below.

1. The Daily Five - Maths 

In school we would be moving onto fractions so we are going to give the easier parts a go for a few days! If you are able to, go onto this link and watch ‘lesson 1 – unit and non-unit fractions’ This video takes you through a tutorial on how to find unit and non-unit fractions of shapes or objects. You can then complete the task I am going to set afterwards.


Main learning points from the video:

A unit fraction is a fraction where the number 1 is always on the top.

A non-unit fraction is a fraction where the number on top is any number apart from a 1.

The top number is called the numerator.

The bottom number is called the denominator.

The bottom number (denominator) tells you how many shapes or objects there are in total.

The top number (numerator) tells you how many of those shapes are coloured in, grouped, different etc.


When you have watched the video and read through those learning points, have a go at the questions below. You can draw these out in your books, write them out in your books or even print this off.

2. The Daily Five - Literacy

This week, each day I would like you to write a diary entry showing what you have done each day. It will be really interesting when we come back to school to share what everyone has been up to! You will be talking about yourself in this, so remember to use “I”.

3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Go outside and collect any materials you can (for example, twigs, wood, leaves, grass, bark, soil) to make yourself a bug hotel. Over the week you can see what visitors you get. It would be lovely if you could take a picture of your bug hotel or draw it so we can all see what they look like when you come back to school. There are lots of different ideas online for inspiration if you need some, such as the RSPB website.

4. The Daily Five - Project

Design your own Easter egg. You can either print out the template below or simple just draw an egg onto a piece of paper. Make it as creative as you like!

5. The Daily Five - Reading

Read a book (or part of a book) from home or from Oxford Reading Owl and log it onto your reading log.