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Monday 27th April

Good Morning Monday!!


I finally emptied my garage and          Mrs T is out and about on a beautiful bluebell walk!

found my bike! Time to get cycling


The Daily Five


You can share the work you have completed in your Class Dojo portfolio.


Watch this video to learn about how to post to your portfolio


You can use Class Dojo to complete assignments I have put up, but also to upload any work you want by clicking the

 and addiing a photo or a document of your work

1. Maths

Round decimals

Your decimal numberline will be useful for this lesson!

Remember integers are whole numbers, as shown circled in blue here

The rounding rhyme works for tenths too when you are rounding to the nearest integer.

2. Literacy

The Substitution Game - Nouns and adjectives

Today we are looking at sentences where adjectives are added before a noun to describe an animal in detail.

 In order to add even more detail. the author has used the word "that"

Remember that if you add more than one adjective you must use a comma.


Look at the sentence about the lion


Now write your own sentences about different animals, using nouns before adjectives and use "that" to add more detail by adding more adjectives in a list.


Look at the pdf below for some ideas of which animals to write about

3. Outside Time

Scavenger Hunt

4. Project - Inventors

This week we are going to look at some famous inventors in history.

First of all go on a hunt around your house. Look at some of the appliances in your house. What have they helped us to do easily that we could not do before?

Which are the most useful?


Think about these appliances. What do you think it the most important invention? Can you order them in order of importance?


Write about one of these, and write a short report to persuade me why you think this is the most important, and more important than the other appliances.

You can use Class dojo's notebook to type this and add it to your portfolio.



5. Reading

This week we are going to think about VIPERS -
Today we are going to think about Vocabulary.


Read the short story "The Contraption" in the pdf below


Then answer these questions:

1. Write a definition for these words

  • muffled
  • scrawny
  • sump
  • contraption 

2. Which word or phrase tells you that Pippa is good at using steam to help her? 

3. What word or phrase tell you that Pippa was excited about discovering "Infinitum"

4. Find and write down the word that is closest in meaning  to whisper.


You could use the Class dojo notebook to answer these and hand them in in your portfolio !