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Monday 27th April

Did you find out about Madagascar? Only the Lemur is native to Madagascar and the film is not correct!


Click here for this week's challenge video! This week's challenge is: "Is Miss Packer wearing the right clothes for her safari?"

1. The Daily Five - Maths

This week we are going to think about capacity. This is an activity that you could do at bath-time instead! Collect different sized plastic containers. We have not learnt the word 'estimate' yet but we tell the children, "it's a really good guess".


Which container do they estimate will hold the most water? There are usually misconceptions to discuss here e.g. they may think the tallest container holds more than a large shallow container. Make sure they are measuring "fairly" - the water has to reach the top of the container. Encourage a comparative sentence e.g. "This container holds more than this container". 


Keep your collection of containers nearby - we are going to need them in our maths sessions this week.


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

On Monday mornings, we usually write our weekend news. The structure of the weekend news is always the same, so this provides an opportunity to write a familiar sentence structure (so they can write freely and often more). 


Foxes Group - write three sentences, starting 'First I...', 'Next' and 'Finally'. Think about the full stops and capital letters. And include the word 'with' (support with this word otherwise it turns into 'wiv'!). 

Rabbits Group - draw a picture and write at least three labels (independently, even if it is just the first sound in the word). Tell the adult your sentence and your child can copy underneath. 



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Find some pots or empty containers to make some African drums. Which ones are the best for making a sound like falling rain? Which ones are best for making the sound of elephants stomping? Tap out rhythms for the children to repeat. Play African music and let the children accompany the music with the drums.



4. The Daily Five - Project

In your green writing books, sit outside your house and draw the front. The temptation is to draw a child's version of a house but really look...where are the windows? what shape are the windows? Discuss, "what is the roof and walls made of?". This will help make the connection between their home and traditional African homes. 



5. The Daily Five - Reading

Play 'Blending Bingo' - click on this link (you need to check between 2- 4 boxes to activate the game). 

Rabbits Group - choose Phase 2 and then challenge yourself to Phase 3.

Foxes Group - choose Phase 3 and then challenge yourself to Phase 4.