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Monday 23rd March

Good morning from Miss Eggby! Here are today's Daily Five:


1. The Daily Five - Maths

To start off the week nice and easily, I would like you to just spend some time on TT Rockstars. I will set a battle and set the tables I would like you to learn.

If you are unable to get onto TT Rockstars, you can practise either your 3's, 4's or 8's in your exercise books or in a different way that will help you. Choose to practise the tables you find hard. Your 'Key Learning Priorities' will show you which times tables I want you to work towards learning.



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Our topic in Literacy has been 'Myths and Legends'. Last week, I put a picture on the screen and asked you to write a short Myth based on the picture. Below, I will post another picture and I would like you to do the exact same (write your very own short myth inspired by the picture). Be creative with your characters and how you describe them. Remember, you need a hero, villain and magical creature. Remember, the structure of the myths we have been writing goes: 

1. Introduce your hero.

2. Introduce your villain, why is he bad and what is he trying to stop people doing?

3. Hero goes on a quest, villain tries to stop them and may end up in a battle.

4. Happy or sad ending

You can introduce your monster/magical creature wherever you think is best!


If you are adding lots of detail into your story and find it is taking you a long time, don't worry about finishing it today. In school we write in short bursts.



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

In maths we have been looking at measurement and in science we have been looking at plants. Using the ruler in your packs, I would like you to go outside and measure any flowers, leaves or any nature you can find. You can then record this down in your exercise book.



4. The Daily Five - Project

In your work books you will find our text 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. Remember, the Minotaur lives in a Labyrinth (a maze). Today, I would like you to design your very own monster/magical creature and describe the Labyrinth (you could use some really powerful adjectives here!) that it would live in. We will keep adding to this project over the next few days. You can design your monster and describe your Labyrinth on some paper or in your books.



5. The Daily Five - Reading

In your packs there should be a letter explain what website to go on for your reading and this should also be explained in your work books. Go onto 'Oxford Reading Tree', you then may need to get the person who is looking after you to set up an account. When you are in, have an explore and find a ebook to read from phase 6. Once you have done some reading, you can log this down onto your 'reading log' which are in your packs. Read the book to whoever you want! It could be do an adult, your brother or sister, your toys or even your pets. If you are unable to get online to read the ebooks, read one of your stories from home and still write it onto your reading log.

Literacy Picture