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Monday 22nd June

1. The Daily Three - Maths

This week, we are going to develop subitising (instantly recognising number of objects without counting them) numbers in different ways. The two main ways in Reception Class are through dice games and through 10-frames. Play this online game. The key is for the children to realise that the top line is always 5 and the bottom line is always 5. This game says, "how many squares are empty?". Sometimes children find it easier to start with how many objects they can see, rather than how many are empty (just turn the sounds off!). 



2. The Daily Three - Literacy / phonics

It's Monday weekend news day! Draw a detailed picture of what you did at the weekend, thinking carefully about the shapes, the colours, the environment and the weather. I would like the children to think very carefully about the people in the drawing - arms, legs, hair colour etc. The label the picture independently - remember if this is just the initial sound or a few letters, it is fine.

Ask your child to tell you one or two sentences about their picture. The adult can write the sentence and your child can write underneath. This is a handwriting practice exercise. 



3. The Daily Three - Creative

The children in class have really been enjoyed Go Noodle activities and are learning this dance! You can join for free.