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Monday 22nd June

Good Morning!



Looks like my chickens are waiting for my cat to 

teach them!

Mrs T is practising her flower arranging with flowers from her own garden. Aren't they beautiful!

Leaver's assembly video and reports

1. Reports : I need a memory of year 4 for your reports. It needs to be a memory of something you have done in Year 4 to go on the bottom of your reports. Please can you send them either via dojo, or email the school office.

2. Leaver's assembly video:

Please video yourself saying a memory from any of the years from your time at Weare. It can be your favourite or funniest memory.

Please learn our Leaver's Assembly song and video yourself singing it. Don't worry about singing alone, once I have put all the videos together it will sound like you are in assembly singing with your class mates.

You can find all the details of the song here:



Today I would like you to continue writing your own story.

Remember to use all the tools you have used so far, thinking about what you can see, hear and how you feel and what you feel. e.g. do you feel excited, worried, concerned, Can you feel the wind, the rain, the sun, the soft feathers?


And don't forget that your magic crayon is going to help to rescue you! In this story, it is really important! 


What will you draw with it to help you survive?







When you get to the end of your story, don't finish it with "They all lived happily ever after, the end!

Remember when we spoke about story endings before:

  • Will you leave your story in suspense; using ellipses ... 
  • Will you start a new adventure?
  • will you meet someone else with a magic crayon?

Computing - Can you beleive everything you read on the internet?


First watch this video


Today I would like you to do some research on these websites. I want you to have a look at the websites and decide which are real and which are not.


  • Write, or type your reasons for whether you think these are real or not real.
  • What have you learned from doing this?
  • How could you make sure that what you read is real, what would you do to make sure?


The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

The Miracles of Evolution

Free forever : Dog Island

Dehydrated water

The Burmese Mountain Dog

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