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Monday 20th April

Please read the 'Learning after Easter' letter before starting this week (found on the previous page). 


Click here for this week's challenge video! This week's challenge is: 'Which of these animals really live (are native to) in Madagascar?' 

1. The Daily Five - Maths

We are going to practise counting backwards. We will start from ten and then add a new number everyday. Using a large space, can your child run from one end to the other end before you get to zero? Now it is your turn! Your child can count backwards and you can run;-) If they get stuck, use their number line to help them.  



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Use the PowerPoint document in the 'resources for Monday 20th April' to find out more about Africa (check the dates in the top right corner - only three slides today).

Today's literacy task is to design a front cover for the information books about Africa (there is plain paper in your Home Learning Pack).

The front cover needs to have a title and the author's name e.g. 'By Archie'. The children can choose the design of the picture but it must be related to Africa! (they could draw a map of Africa. There's a map to colour in the resources section below if you have a printer or perhaps they can draw their own).



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

When you're out walking, what animals can you see? Are there any wild lions, tigers or monkeys?! What animals are pet or farm animals and what animals are wild?



4. The Daily Five - Project

Use play-dough to make some of the animals they saw on their walk. I have included two different recipes in the resources section below (if you can get flour!). There are some brilliant videos on YouTube for children to really help challenge their modelling skills. Click here for one example. 



5. The Daily Five - Reading

Explore all your books at home and make two piles: one pile of information books and one pile of story books. Be a good book detective!


Resources for Monday 20th April