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Monday 20th April

My garden pond has been attracting lots of wildlife         Mrs T is being very kind sharing

this Easter.. a duck came in to have a swim around too!    her Easter eggs with teddy!

Good morning from Ms Bradshaw and Mrs Tasch!

The Daily Five

1. Maths

Make a whole

When you have a fraction, what do you need to add to make a whole? Remember 100 hundreths is = 1 (one whole!) and 10 hundreths is equal to 1 tenth

These questions are a lot easier if you change tenths into hundreths first


White Rose are currently experiencing a high volume of hits on their website, and have uploaded the videos to facebook too. Try this link for today's video if you cannot access it on their site

2. Literacy

We are going to be studying the story of The King of The Fishes. Each day we will do a new activity based on this story. I will give you the pages you need from the workbook each day. You can choose to print them, or simply write in your books.

Today's activity is the "Sparky Start"

Click the link to the pdf below to view this bigger.



3. Outside Time

 This week let's create a Gross Motor Trail. Each day we will add another activity to it to make a complete trail by the end of the week.

Today, practise some Wonderful Walking!

4. Project - Inventors

Go on an inventor scavenger hunt!

Fnd these objects, draw them in your book and describe them

5. Reading

Remember to keep reading.  You can use Oxford Owl, Audible or Moosekid comics


There is also an online library of books you can read.

Please ask an adult to help you search for an appropriate book by using the search tool to search for books suitable for Year 4. Click on the  to narrow down the books you can read suitable for Year 4; you can choose fiction or non-fiction books here