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Monday 20th April

1. The Daily Five - Maths

In maths every Monday we focus on learning and consolidating our number bonds. I would like this to continue every Monday over the school closures.


Today please can your child complete the third number bonds to 10 sheet in their resource pack. This should be called star number bonds to 10. Could they then follow this by completing the number bonds challenge 1 that can also be found in the initial pack. If you hae already used any of these worksheet resources, they can be found to re print on the year one home learning page under resources you may need everyday. 


When you have done this please could you complete lesson 1 of Summer Term 1 week 1 (wc 20th April) Make Doubles. On this website you will find a video tutorial, a worksheet and the answers. Let the children watch the video, then they can either complete the worksheet independently if you are able to print it off, or in discussion with an adult talking through the answers when viewing on the screen.


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Today we will be looking at text. For this you will need the login details for 'espresso' which can be found on the passwords and login sheet provided in the home learning pack or see below. It will work best if you login first and then follow this link. I would save the login details as we will be using this site a lot over the weeks. 


The link should take you straight to KS1 grammar an punctuation and today we will be looking at 'text' - sequencing sentences to describe something that has happened - activity 1 and 2. This will focus on sequencing sentences and story structures. 


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time/Be Active

Today, I would love it if the children could make a hopscotch out of chalk outside on the patio and learn how to hopscotch. 


4. The Daily Five - Project

The three little pigs and their building choices

Watch the video telling the story of the three little pigs (found below under 'resources') or if you have the book – even better, read it together! Linking to our new topic 'houses and homes' (DT focus) and our new science topic of materials - Challenge the children to build the three pigs' houses using an array of materials: art straws, hay/straw, little twigs or lolly sticks, playdough, clay and Lego. Make one house per day using selected materials. Allow them to explore the different materials and encourage them to talk about them using their scientific vocabulary. There are examples in the resource section of house building with different materials. Ask the chn to verbalise how the materials feel and behave, asking questions such as: does it feel soft? Strong? Will it be good material for building a house? Will it blow down when the Wolf blows? Why will it blow down? What useful properties do the materials need to have, to be good materials for house building? At the end of the week ask your child to tell you which material will be the most successful for house-building and why and then write about it in their workbooks.


5. The Daily Five - Phonics

Todays sound: /wh/ 

Below is the structure in which we teach phonics through the letter and sounds scheme. I will guide you through each step daily to keep it as consistant as possible for the children. We begin each session with a review of previous sounds learnt usually using sound cards. You could make your own sound cards by cutting up large squares of cards, and as you learn a new sound write the digraph onto it and keep for the revisit stages. We then teach our new sound, practice it in the context of words containing that sound and then apply it to dictating sentences.   


Revisit: Revisit all sounds learnt so far using flashcards.  


Teach: wh as in 'wheel' (using Mr Thorne Phonics video, this will give you a clear pronunciation of the sound - see resources below for link). Write the digraph in air and on table with finger. 


Practice: together discuss words that contain the ue sound and write on w/b (wheel, when, what, wheat). Play buried treasure, phase 5 (wh). Click on the link Login using the details given (found in the home resource pack). Then click on 'resources' and then buried treasure should be the first option. Wave your mouse over the picture and it should let you click on a phase, select phase 5 and follow the steps through until you can choose your sound (wh). 


Apply: Parent read out this sentences: When will you take a photo of the big wheel? Children to write in exercise books. (You may need to repeat this a couple of times so they have time to listen to each word)

Todays Resources: 

Three little pig house examples

Fairy Tales - The 3 Little Pigs Story

Fairy Tales - The three little pigs story Once upon a time there were three little pigs and the time came for them to seek their fortunes and built their hou...