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Monday 1st June

Good Morning Year 3! I hope you had a wonderful half term! I’m going to put up another show and tell on dojo this week if you would like to share what you got up to! I have spent lots of time outside this week! Here are some photos from my 30 mile bike ride my mum and I completed yesterday. It was extremely tiring so I treated myself to an ice cream after!

Some of you may already know that the daily 5 has now changed slightly, it’s now going to be a daily 3! This will consist of Maths (mental maths and a white rose work sheet), Literacy (a quick phonics task and a writing task), and a topic task (consisting of other subjects such as history, art, french and science). Although reading is not included, I do encourage you to still read for at least 10 minutes every day. The links to big cat Collins books and oxford owl are on our home learning page, or you could be reading a book from home.


Please continue to share your lovely work on dojo so you can earn some dojo points! 

Have a wonderful day Year 3!


Mental Maths
Please spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars.


We are going to continue some revision for adding and subtracting, but moving onto just 3 digit numbers now. Today you will be adding two 3-digit numbers. Here is the video I would like you to follow today:


Here is a picture of the worksheet today, or it is also linked below if you would like to print.


I would like everyone to complete questions 1-4. Have a read of the next ones and see if you can give them a go if you are up for the challenge!



Maths Worksheet


Willow Group Phonics
We are going to be doing some work on "-ation" words this week. These are words that end with "ation". All I would like you do to today is think of all the words that end with "ation" you can. Could you challenge yourself and writing the meaning of the words too? 
A couple of examples: communication, exaggeration


Oak Group Phonics

This week we are using our phonics poems to learn the spelling of the end of ‘al’ words.  Today you are going to do poem called “Animal City“.  Read through the poem once then read it again drawing a circle around each ‘al’ word.  Then choose five words and practice them three times.


Whole Class Writing Task
We are going to be looking at a Literacy unit called "Journey to the Jungle". I chose this as I thought it would be an exciting adventure! It is a booklet, so I will attach a link to the whole booklet if you would like to print and I will put pictures below each day of the pages we are looking at. It doesn't matter at all if you can't print, just complete the work on a piece of paper or in your workbook!


Today we will be looking at pages 1-4. Pages 1 and 2 are just an introduction to the topic, so pages 3 and 4 are our focus today. I would like you to read through the "jungle log", whilst you are reading, spot if there are any words that maybe you don't know the meaning of. When you have read this, on the next page are some definitions of some of the tricky words in that text, have a read through them and then complete the task below on page 4 by drawing a picture to represent each of those 4 words. 


You can click on the pictures below to make them bigger, but you may find that opening up the booklet on the link below is even clearer.

Journey to the Jungle workbook


Piet Mondrian was a famous artist who lived through WW2. He created 'shape pictures' that all looked very similar, here is an example of one:


Today, I would like you to create your very own shape picture (using squares and rectangles like Mondrian). Choose 3 colours that you are going to use. You may do this however you like, you may choose to draw lines with a pencil and colour in some of the gaps, or paint black lines and paint inside some of the gaps, or you could even take this outside and put straight lines of masking tape on the floor and fill in some of the gaps with chalk!


You can see that Mondrian has not coloured in every single square/rectangle, he has left some of them white.