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Monday 20th April

Good Morning to you all! I hope you have had a relaxing and safe Easter and have been keeping busy! I am missing you all very much and I’m really looking forward to seeing you soon, but for now I’m just as excited to see and hear about all the wonderful things you have done or are going to do. Please keep sending the pictures for me to see! :)

Here is one for you, on Saturday I made some mini egg blondies and they were absolutely delicious. I filmed myself baking these so make sure you have a watch and even give them a go!! Make sure to show me if you do! Have a fantastic Monday!


1. The Daily Five - Maths

Before we stopped for Easter I introduced to you the White Rose Maths online home learning. We will be following this as much as we can as we follow this when we are in school. Today I would like you to watch Lesson 3 "Tenths" on WEEK 1 through this link Watch the video and answer the questions on the work sheet as you go. I would like everyone to do up to question 6. If you are in Pyramids group, I would like you to give 7 and 8 a go. If you are not in Pyramids but would like to give the last two questions a go, please go for it!! You can then mark it yourselves by downloading the answers. 


Key points from the video:

When looking at tenths, it means the objects/shapes will be split into 10 pieces.

The bottom number is the denominator (how many things there are ALL TOGETHER)

The top number is the numerator (how many things are shaded/different). 

With tenths, your denominator will be 10, as that's how many pieces you will have altogether.


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

For your Literacy today I have attached a page below from Hamilton trust for you to follow. It says the instructions on their but I will also write them clearly on here as well. What I would like you to do is read Chapter 1 and 2 of Fantastic Mr Fox (if you scroll down once you are on the page it is there, or if you have the book you can read from that), either underline or write down on some paper any adjectives (DESCRIBING WORDS e.g. rich, nasty) that describe the characters (3 farmers and Mr Fox are your characters). Then, Have a go at drawing the characters and labelling the describing words around them. If you do not like drawing and have a printer, you can use the pictures they have at the bottom.


To access this work, go onto this website then scroll down to this:

and you then need to click on Year 3 English - Week 3, it will then download and you will see Day 1.

Oak Group Phonics:  from today on Mrs Gibb will be adding phonics work for Year 3 children who are in Oak Group.  Please complete it to keep up with your spelling and phonics.  

Our suffix this week is ‘tion’. You will find your words by watching Mr Thorne does phonics on this link:

Watch it once through and then watch it again pausing it so you can write your words list in your workbook. Then practice each word three times.


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Complete a daily workout of your choice (for example one of Mr Coggins ones or Joe Wicks). Then, go outside into your garden. Find some objects/nature in your garden and make nature characters like this. Can you think of some adjectives to describe your nature characters?


4. The Daily Five - Project

As it is the summer term now we would usually be going on to learn about World War 2. I know many of you were really excited to learn about this so I am going to try and put this into the project over the next few weeks. It may link with our writing as well, but it will definitely include some DT, science and of course history. To start off, what I would like you to do today is to make a fact file about the things you already know about World War 2 and maybe extra facts you are able to find out. You can make this fact file in any way you want. At the bottom of this page I have attached a WW2 timeline just in case you wanted to find some more information. Don't worry if you haven't got much on your fact file yet! This is just the beginning.


5. The Daily Five - Reading

If you are struggling for books to read at home, there are many online ones that you can access.


The ones below are free David Walliams audio books.


Big Cat Collins ebooks - these are similar to your home readers so these ones are definitely recommended to read -


Steps to follow are below:


The books then come up in bands but we have put the matching phases, everyone should have their phase on their card with all their log ins on.


You can also continue to follow the Oxford Owl books that were introduced first.


Make sure to log down everything you have read onto your reading log, or make a new one if you have run out of space! Happy reading :) 










world war 2 timeline