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Monday 18th May

1. The Daily Five - Maths

In maths every Monday we focus on learning and consolidating our number bonds. I would like this to continue every Monday over the school closures.


We have now finished using the number bonds sheets in the initial home learning pack! I would still like us to focus on consolidating number bonds, whether its up to 20 or higher! Each week I will upload a new sheet - a higher sheet (above 20) and a lower (to 20). You can choose which one your child completes. 


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

I would like the children to focus on their handwriting in their work books. For handwriting at this stage in their development we focus on letter formation Please see the letter formation guidance on the home learning page under 'resources you may need everyday'. The document is called 'handwriting.pdf'. It is really important that you use this document and model forming the letters correctly, it tells you where you should start and the direction to eat. 


Today I would like the children to practice half of the letters in the long ladder family, j, u, y, completing a line of every letter.


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time/Be Active

The outside activities this week will be victorian games and activities related to the project work.


Today - give the children the challenge of washing their own clothes (old) with no washing machine. See what ideas they come up with and go with it! When you have finished - research how they would have washed and dried clothes in victorian times. 


4. The Daily Five - Project

Houses in the past - UK History


Research facts about different houses in these era’s each day, this can include things in the house/rooms. Use these facts to contribute to your non-chronological report that you will be writing in literacy later this week. Write these facts in your workbook. Powerpoints including facts and information can be found under 'today's resources'. 

  • The Iron age (celtic round houses).
  • Tudor houses
  • Victorian (very similar to ours e.g. terrace houses made of brick – more of a challenge to compare but the things inside are different e.g. toilets were usually outside!)


5. The Daily Five - Phonics

Remembering the 'ph' sound. 


Look at these 'ph' words - choose a word and write a sentence containing this word. Remember your capital letters and full stops. Do this 3 times and be sure to discuss the meaning of words they are unsure of. 

  • phonics
  • dolphin
  • alphabet
  • elephant
  • graph


Challenge: write a sentence containing 2 of the words! 

Then play buried treasure with (ph). 


Today's Resources: