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Monday 18th May

GOOOOOOD morning Year 2. This week I thought you might like to start each day listening to a chapter of the story 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark'

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Mental Maths  Today I would like you to do two pages of maths from the Maths work book that the PTA sent you.


White Rose Maths:  Multiplication using the X symbol

(this week’s maths is revision of multiplication you will need to remember how we do this when completing 2 and 3 part problem solving later next term!)

PARENTS (Please click the link and find Week 5 lesson one)

Let’s get started:

What will you need:  Your pencil, counters or buttons and work book.

Today’s lesson is all about repeated addition and then using the X symbol.(REMEMBER if you get stuck you can watch the video again to have another go!

The Worksheet is at the bottom of the page!


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

TODAY'S Phonics: 


Pine and Maple group:  The next sound we will be practicing again is the: ‘ue’ sound.  Click on the link to see how Geraldine the Giraffe finds some ue words.

Then watch it again pausing so that you can write each word in your books.  There are lots this week just choose ten of them.  Practice each word 3 times


Holly Group: This week's sound is ‘aw’ and ‘or’.  Attached are some sentences and activity for you to do to start the week.


Oak Group: 

This week we are using our phonics poems to learn the spelling of the end of ‘le’ words.  Today you are going to do the first poem called “Colin the Clown”.  Read through the poem once then read it again drawing a circle around each ‘le’ word.  Then choose five words and practice them three times.

I would love you to learn the poem and send me a video of you saying the poem on Class Dojo.


3. The Daily Five - Exercise and Outside Time


Have a go at seeing how many times you can:  hop on one foot and then the other, skip around the house or using a skipping rope, and do push ups.


4.  The Daily Five – Reading and Writing


Innovate Write:

Today I am going to show you a new story which Pie Corbett has done for us.  First read the story.  You will need to do it a few times before you remember the story.


5.  The Daily Five – Project


Senses of Taste:  Watch the clip from BBC Bitesize –

This time write a list of everything you eat or drink and say whether it tastes:  sour, sweet, bitter or salty. Now which did you like the most and which did you like the least.