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Monday 15th June

GOOD MORNING! Here are some of your beautiful Owl Collage pictures - Ms Green and I love them!


1. The Daily Three - Maths


Mental Maths – This week we are having a week at practicing out timestables:

You can play the times table game:  Hit the Button:


You can choose the times table you would like to play but remember I do want you to be really good at 2x, 5x, and 10x.  Then you try x3 and x4.  You do need to work towards knowing them off by heart and randomly until you move to the next times table. 



This week we are going to revise our 2D and 3D shapes Week 8, Lesson 1 is:


Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes

Today you will need your work book and your ruler and pencil.  Can you remember the names of the 2D shapes we have learnt about this year?

Now Complete the worksheet.

 At the bottom of the page I have attached the worksheet.


2. The Daily Three- Literacy


TODAY'S Phonics: 

Pine and Maple group:  The next sound we will be learning is the soft ‘g’ sound.  Click on the link to see how Mr Thorne does Phonics watch the video all the way through.

Then watch it again pausing so that you can write words in your books.  There are 5 in this episode so practice each word 3 times


Holly Group: This week's sound is ‘ge’ or ‘dge’ as in:

Now watch Mr Thorne Does phonics right through once and then again pausing to write the words in a list and practice 3 times.


Oak Group: 

This week we are sorting words ending in ‘y’ which are adverbs (which describe verbs) into different spellings.  Please divide a page in your workbook into: ‘y’ words, ‘ly’ words and ‘ily’ words.   Then choose 3 words from each column and practice them three times.

Worksheet is at the bottom of the page!


3.  The Daily Three Writing Today:


TODAY I WOULD LIKE EVERYONE TO:  complete the worksheet about Plop and draw and colour him.

There are worksheets for each Literacy Group at the bottom of the page.