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Monday 15th June

Good Morning Year 3! Did you all have a lovely weekend? I can’t believe how much sunshine we had yesterday!! I relaxed at home this weekend inbetween doing work by playing one of my favourite games “uno flip” and watching Harry Potter! 
I hope you all have a great Monday! I am missing you all!



Mental Maths

Please complete 10 mins of TT Rockstars.



Today you are looking at adding lengths (we have covered this before so hopefully should just be recapping!), remember, when you are adding lengths, it's easier to convert them all into the same measurement and then use column addition to add them.


1m = 100cm (to convert from m to cm, multiply by 100, cm to m you divide by 100).

1cm = 10mm (to convert from cm to mm multiply by 10, mm to cm you divide by 10).


Video Link:


Questions 5, 6 and 7 are the challenges today.

Maths Worksheet



Willow Group Phonics

We are looking at a few prefixes this week! Remember, prefixes are letters you add onto the beginning of the word which will change the meaning. 

The prefix you will look at today is "auto".

Your task: 

1. Write as many 'auto' words that you know.

2. Find out what the prefix 'auto' means.

3. Choose 3 of your words to write into sentences.


Oak Group Phonics

This week we are sorting words ending in ‘y’ which are adverbs (which describe verbs) into different spellings.  Please divide a page in your workbook into: ‘y’ words, ‘ly’ words and ‘ily’ words.   Then choose 3 words from each column and practice them three times.

Worksheet is at the bottom of the page!


Whole Class Writing Task

Last week you planned what you were going to write into your jungle log. Over the next few days you are going to begin writing. 


Have your plan out in front of you from page 11 of the workbook. There were 7 boxes on the plan, so that means you are going to have 7 paragraphs in total. Don't worry, we are not going to do all 7 today! We will take it slow.


Have a look at page 14 of your work book. This basically tells you that you are going to be writing your jungle log today. I recommend having either loose paper to write on or having a double page open in your book so you have plenty of space to write over the next few days.


Today, I would just like you to write the first 2 paragraphs from your plan:


Remember, can you include:

- some powerful adjectives

- some powerful verbs

- some fronted adverbials (next, first, after that, finally etc.) at the beginning of some sentences to describe when you did something

- use some conjunctions such as 'and', 'but' and 'because'


Your paragraphs do NOT have to be long at all, they could just be 3 sentences long if you like!



Since our Literacy is based on the jungle, I thought that we could do some jungle art this week! Below are some paintings from an artist called Henri Rousseau. Most of his paintings are based on being in the jungle.


I would like you to imagine you are on your journey in the jungle and imagine the first animal you would see (this could be your favourite animal). I would like you to have a go at either drawing/painting/collaging (anything you have) a picture inspired by Henri Rousseau artwork. Below are some examples that other children have completed before to help you.