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Monday 15th June

We are continuing with our 'Wild Things' topic this week, specifically looking at the lifecycle of a butterfly and building up to writing a recount of the different stages. 


1. The Daily Three - Maths

I would like to get some feedback on how your child is doing with number recognition to 20, so that I can plan appropriately. Could you please send me a message via Class Dojo? Thank-you!


In the resources section below, you will find a 'part-part-whole model', which you could print out or try to redraw. The children are familiar with using this model. We are going to use it to partition 5 today. 

The part-part-whole model can be presented in anyway but in Reception we put the parts on the left-hand side and the whole on the right hand-side. In the 'whole' write the number 5. Using small objects, find the different ways of making five by arranging different quantities in the 'parts' section. After each one, as your child to "talk the maths" e.g. "three add two makes five". They are familiar with the terms 'add' and 'equals'. 



2. The Daily Three - Literacy / phonics

It's Monday weekend news day! Draw a detailed picture of what you did at the weekend, thinking carefully about the shapes, the colours, the environment and the weather. I would like the children to think very carefully about the people in the drawing - arms, legs, hair colour etc. The label the picture independently - remember if this is just the initial sound or a few letters, it is fine.

Ask your child to tell you one or two sentences about their picture. The adult can write the sentence and your child can write underneath. This is a handwriting practice exercise. 



3. The Daily Three - Creative

Over the next week, we are going to attempt a scientific drawing of a butterfly (we will be doing this in class too and using the drawings as a display, if you would like to keep the work). Just the adults watch this video called 'Austin's Butterfly' to see what I would like to achieve - the children can't watch it yet! This is also about building the character of persistence. 


n the resources, section ask your child to choose their favourite butterfly to draw. Draw the outline of the butterfly on A5 paper (don't need to colour). Keep this one as the first draft.