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Monday 13th July

Good Morning Year 3! I can’t believe it is our final week :( I am so excited for our zoom calls! Yesterday I went on a 20 mile bike ride with my mum. We went past the swans and the babies are growing up really quickly! I also managed to find a geochache! Have any of you got the geocache app at home? It’s fantastic, it’s like a treasure hunt!
Have an amazing day!!


Today you are comparing capacity. We use the measurement capacity when we are measuring liquid. Have a watch of the video then give the worksheet a go. Questions 7 and 8 are challenging today.


Video Link: "Lesson 1 - Compare Capacity"


Answer these questions about the picture:

Where will the magic sunflower take Lucy?

If you were Lucy, would you hold on to the sunflower or let go?

How did Lucy acquire the seed?


Imagine what the sunflower will look like the next day. Draw and describe using adjectives what you have imagined.

3. Some of you may have received a letter in the post from your new teacher in September! You may want to use this time each day to begin to complete the transition activities set for you in your envelopes. If you have not received it yet, have a go at this 'my future' acrostic poem. You can use the printed out version below or you can draw your own. You may choose to just write words/adjectives next to the letters to describe how fun it will be, or you can write sentences to describe your future.