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Monday 11th May

Good Morning on this Marvellous Monday!


My chickens aren't really helping     Mrs T potting up her plants in the lovely sunshine!

me do much work!

Daily 5

1. Maths 

Summer Term - Week 4 - Multiplying and dividing problem solving

The worksheet and answers are below

2. Literacy

This week we are going to look at poetry. Today's activity is a poetry warmup!

 Here is a picture of a frog. If I list what I can see I might write:

  • Eyes
  • Legs
  • Toes
  • Skin










Now, I'm going to describe each thing. I might use alliteration (where words start with the same sound) or a simile or metaphor.

The frog's black eyes bulge like berries.

It's mottled leg curves.

Toes splay out like the leaves of a fern.
The frog's skin is like a stained map.


You might guess too what it can see or hear.

It sits staring at you, gulping air through its wide mouth.


Have a go yourself using  a different animal, or this picture of the chameleon:


3. Exercise


Join in with one of Mr C's P.E videos.

You can find links to them here:


4. Project - Inventors

Today we are going to learn about a famous inventor.  Watch this video carefully and see how many questions you can answer.


You may need these words to help you:


Word Bank

piano          vibration          strings          communication          telephone          messages

5. Reading

You can choose to continue reading from the many resources I have linked before or have a go at this:


These are extracts from the children's newspaper First News.

Read the article and have a go at answering the questions.