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Merit Badges

Every week we award two merit badges per class, to children who have shown great merit in their behaviour or in their curriculum achievement. The badges are presented to our children during our Merit Badge Service on Friday afternoons. 


Please take a look to see who received a badge this week!


Week ending Friday 20th September 2019


Ms Chapman's Class

Lily P.: for doing some fantastic creative writing at home.

Rosie: for working hard in maths all week and working well independently.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Arnie:  for being so kind and helpful this week.

Eva: for being so brave when she missed some of the Year 2 party and waiting patiently for her Lucky Dip prize.


Ms Eggby Class

Lilly S.:  for trying SO hard ALWAYS.

Dylan:  for always being kind to others.


Mrs Hael's Class

Harrison: for great contributions during class discussions.  For being a polite and helpful member of the class.

Faye: for being amazing - always above and beyond - she has done some beautiful extra homework and always listens beautifully.


Week ending Friday 13th September 2019


Ms Chapman's Class

Darci D.: for doing some great work at home for her show and tell.

Tai: for great problem solving in maths.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Gabrielle:  for reading 56 books over the summer holiday.  Great effort!

Talia:  for completing the 'Space Chase' Summer Reading Challenge.


Ms Eggby Class

Sophie:  for always listening so well.  She is always ready for a challenge.

Oscar: for great work in maths.


Mrs Hael's Class

Sophia: for managing 'stop and drop' twice this week and joining in well with all Year 4.

Xavier: for great poetry work this week.


Week ending Friday 6th September 2019


Ms Chapman's Class

Archie: for working hard in both Literacy and Numeracy.

Rosie: for doing great independent writing and spelling.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Neve:  for writing great describing sentences about her African animal.

Alfie: for drawing a lovely self portrait.


Ms Eggby Class

Verity:  for excellent enthusiasm when coming back to school and being helpful.

Arthur:  for using some excellent adjectives in his recount writing.


Mrs Hael's Class

Alexander: for trying hard in the class with his work and joining in with some good questions.

Tabitha: for a really mature start to Year 4.