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Meet our experienced team

Your children will spend a great deal of time in pre-school, particularly as they approach school age. You will want to choose a quality and stimulating provision, with staff who make your child feel happy, secure and nurtured. Our experienced team have worked together for many years and are full of enthusiasm and care. Come visit us!


We help children to learn about what is right and wrong. We listen and value what children say. We believe that children benefit from the freedom to explore creatively and imaginatively at their own pace. We encourage the children to question and consider the world around them and invite them to join in with adult-led activities, such as cookery, craft and storytelling. 


Speaking, listening, understanding and motor skill development are just some of our priorities for your child, helping them prepare for the start of school through a range of engaging activities.


Our pre-schoolers love spending time outdoors and we spend as much time as possible exploring our beautiful grounds. From an early age, they have the opportunity to explore 'Big School', which means the transition to Reception Class is one that they very much look forward to.