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Leaver's Assembly Song

I would like to include a leaver's song in our Leaver's Assembly video.


Those of you who sang the Lockdown song will be used to how to do this. It would be great if as many of you as possible sang along to this. Please don't worry about the fact you are singing alone in your video, once put with everyone else's it will sound like you are in a choir!


You can download the following files:

  • One document with the words to learn
  • 2 music tracks.
    • The first is called: "We'll Shine - with vocals" - this is for practising while you are learning it.
    • The second is called: "We'll Shine - backing" and you will only use it when you are actually recording the song.


First of all, learn the words of the song off by heart and practise singing it with the 

"We'll Shine - with vocals" track.


Then record it with "We'll Shine - backing" track.


Please send your recording to either your Class Dojo portfolio or email to:  by 30th June 2020


Here are some tips for recording the song:


Use this track when learning the song

We'll Shine (with vocals)

Use this track when recording the song

We'll Shine - Backing track