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Learning in Year 2

Spelling and Phonics: 

There are daily phonics lessons and once a week we have a spelling test. Please read the document: Helping your Child with Spelling, it is very informative.


In Year 2 we have Guided reading up to 4 times a week and this gives pupils the opportunity not just to read but to develop skills of prediction, comprehension and confidence.  We encourage 10 to 15 minutes of reading at home daily.  Even if pupils are confident readers it is important to develop the habit of daily reading.


Writing is encouraged daily in Year 2 with links to topic work. We cover a range of genres which include:  story writing, non-fiction chronological and non-chronological report writing.  We explore poetry through learning to recite as well as writing our own poems.

Handwriting is practiced daily initially and then 3 times a week with the aim of using joined up handwriting.


At Weare, we fully embrace the 'Mastery Approach' and follow the White Rose Maths Hub scheme of learning, which focuses on establishing mathematical understanding progressing through concrete, pictorial and abstract learning. This helps the children to develop a deeper understanding of the maths they are doing in order to more fluently manipulate numbers and be confident in reasoning and solving problems.


Each half term we alternate Geography and History topic work. 

Science topics include: plants and the environment, animal groups and environments, changing materials, forces and movement, health and growth.

These also link with other areas of the curriculum which incorporate Art, Design and Technology, Music.



In Year 2 French is taught through song and pupils meeting Leon Le Chameleon learning about colours, animal names, food etc.