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Learning in Year 1

Spelling and Phonics: 

There are daily phonics lessons and once a week, on Thursday, we have a spelling test. Please read the document: Helping your Child with Spelling, it is very informative.



In Year 1 we have Guided Reading once a week. This gives every pupil the opportunity to read aloud with a teacher or teaching assistant. In addition, small group work gives the children the opportunity to discuss their book, developing skills of prediction, comprehension and confidence. 


We encourage daily reading at home and ask that your child's reading record is signed daily so that the book can be changed. Please jot a note in the reading record if you think your child would benefit from or would like to have their book for a second day.


Before reading with your child please take a few moments to read the book yourself and also read the information inside the front and back cover which suggests lots of ideas for helping your child.



Writing is encouraged daily in Year 1. It often links to topic work, a particular book or poem and always encourages the correct use of capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and letter formation. The children are also encouraged to write as part of their play and in independent activities. Handwriting is practised regularly aiming for the correct letter size and formation, with a view to moving on to joined up writing. 



At Weare, we fully embrace the 'Mastery Approach' and follow the White Rose Maths Hub scheme of learning, which focuses on establishing mathematical understanding progressing through concrete (using actual objects or things), pictorial (using pictures of objects or things) and abstract (using numbers and other symbols to represent objects or things) learning. This helps the children to develop a deeper understanding of the maths they are doing in order to more fluently manipulate numbers and be confident in reasoning and solving problems. Our lessons in Year 1 are very practical and include plenty of discussion as well as recording. The children will also begin to learn their number bonds - that is, all the different ways of making 6 or 10, for example.



RE, Geography, History, Science, Art, DT and Music are taught through topic work which makes the lessons meaningful, exciting and inspiring, as well as allowing me to adapt what I am teaching to match the children's interests. 



In Year 1 French is taught through songs and games encouraging the children to be confident when they learn and speak in French about food, colours and the adventures of Barnaby Bear as he explores Paris.



We do PE on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and the children will need to come into school in their PE kits. Blue jogging bottoms can be worn when the weather is chilly. Long hair must be tied back. There are also plenty of other opportunities for physical activity throughout the week including the 'Daily Mile' which will be introduced with a 5 minute run, gradually increasing as the children's fitness and stamina develops.