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Update from our link school Jolaurabi school, which is run by the charity Educate the Kids, in Kenya.


Although we did not receive a visit from members of the school in 2017, we continued to raise funds through our staff cake sale and also collected a large amount of second hand uniforms which were donated by our parents.  

Reading Books:

As we had purchased new home reader books at Weare we were able to donate 2 large boxes of Oxford reading tree books.  These were gratefully received by the UK representative of the charity, Educate the Kids, which supports the Kenyan school.


Our children love receiving letters and cards from our link school in Kenya and are always amazed to see them wearing the Weare school uniform so proudly.

Visit from Kenyan Choir - Singing Children of Africa

10th July 2015


On Friday 10th July the choir sang at Weare.  We had a cake sale which has raised just on £122 and also collected a load of uniforms to donate to them.

If you have a look on our SCHOOL COUNCIL BOARD you will see a lovely THANK YOU card from the choir!





Here are some fond memories of time spent at playtime on the field followed by an excellent performance by the choir.

 End of Comenius project 2012 to 2014
What Brings us Together


A reminder about Comenius:


Comenius projects are set up by the British Council as part of the EU to promote cross cultural links between European countries. 

This is our 4th project. Each project is run over 2 years and our current project will be complete at the end of June 2014.

Our partner schools are:  Sweden, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Germany.

PARTNER MEETINGS – teachers from each country meet to report on activities from the previous meeting and then plan for the next meeting.

Our staff have visited:


Italy (October 2013) – the children created a fabric poster of places of interest in our area.  Each class produced a poster of a traditional celebration or festival.


Sweden (April 2013) -  it was agreed that each school sent the other schools postcards from each country.  The children loved looking at and reading the postcards from other countries.


Hungary (October 2013) -   Each country completed activities about: our school, our country, traditions and special events.


Bulgaria (March 2014) –  Each year group at Weare chose a country and then put together information in booklet form and this was then put onto the Comenius website.  (   Password: comenius)




Although our children are too young to visit the other countries we have had visits from the following schools:


Sweden – In April we hosted 4 teachers and 5 children and they had a lovely time both at school and Year 3 and 4 pupils playing traditional fairground activities.


Italy – In June we hosted 4 teachers and 14 pupils.  They spent time in the classrooms and enjoyed an afternoon of games with the Year 3 and 4 pupils.


Bulgaria – In October we hosted 5 teachers who enjoyed spending time in each classroom with our children.


Hungary -   6 teachers visited us in November they really enjoyed getting involved with the children and were particularly interested in our teaching methods.


Germany -  teachers and  pupils visited us at the end of January, although they were older our children enjoyed having them visit each class and tell us about their school.


POSTCARDS:  Each time we visit a country we have brought back a postcard and given every child in the school one.  I have had positive feedback from both parents and children about this.


COMENIUS DISPLAY BOARD: This has been on display since the start of the project.  Please spend a few minutes looking at items from other countries, as well as, examples of the activities which our children have completed.

Felicity Gibb
Comenius Co-ordinator