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Governing Body

What do our Governors do?
Weare Academy school governors are drawn from different parts of the community; they are parents, staff, and members of the local neighbourhood. This helps to ensure that the governing body has sufficient diversity of views and experience.   We don’t as governors interfere in the day-to-day teaching and running of the school, but as governors we are committed to school welfare and improvement. In consultation with the head teacher and other staff, our main responsibilities are to:


  • set aims and agree policies, targets and objectives for the school
  • support and challenge decisions
  • help determine the ethos of the school
  • agree how to spend the school budget
  • assist in the recruitment of staff


How does our Governing Body work?
There are normally three or four meetings a year which involve the full governing body. We hear reports from the head teacher, other members of staff and from the various committees about the work they have been doing. We ask questions, make decisions, comment on proposals, offer advice and act as a sounding board for ideas. Our objective is always to arrive at the best solution for the school. 

We monitor specific objectives listed on the Academy Improvement Plan so each Governor will be responsible for monitoring an initiative in, for example: Literacy, Numeracy, Special Educational Needs etc. This allows governors to focus on a particular area and work more closely with the relevant teachers and to then feed back to the full governing body.

How can I get more information?

The current members of our local governing body are listed below.  Please feel free to contact one of them if you would like any more information.  


  • Matt O'Connor (Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor, Safeguarding Governor, Health and Safety Governor)
  • John O'Brien (Vice Chair) 
  • Jackie Wright (Chair of Finance)
  • Jenny Mason (PE and Well-Being Governor)
  • Reverend Judith Jeffery
  • Michelle Case (EYFS and Special Educational Needs Governor)
  • Denise Mawdsley (Executive Headteacher)
  • Felicity Gibb (Deputy Headteacher / Staff Governor)


Note that all governors appointed prior to 1st September 2016 have been reappointed from 1st September 2016, as Local Governing Body for Weare Academy First School, Wessex Learning Trust.

Governor Committees


Finance and Human Resources Committee: Jackie Wright (Chair), John O'Brien, Denise Mawdsley and Valerie Jones (Business Manager)


Standards and School Improvement Committee: John O'Brien, Michelle Case, Jenny Mason, Felicity Gibb and Denise Mawdsley


Health and Safety Committee: Denise Mawdsley (Chair), Matt O'Connor, Valerie Jones (Business Manager)  and  Nick Paraskeva (Caretaker)


Ethos Committee:  Reverend Judith Jeffery (Chair), Felicity Gibb, Denise Mawdsley, Matt O'Connor

Register of Attendance at Meetings 2020-21

Governor History of Service