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Friday 8th May

To day is Victory in Europe day - 75 years since the Second World War ended in 1945.

1.The Daily Five – Maths


Mental Maths: 

Choose from any one of the maths games you think you would like to play on:


2. The Daily Five – Literacy

TODAY'S Phonics:  use your common exception words to practice them.  Practice 5 of the words on your cards each 3 times in your work book and then use them in sentences.


3. The Daily Five - Exercise and Outside Time

During the Second World war there was no money for expensive toys and children would play games like you can see in the pictures below.  Have a go at playing one of these: hopscotch, card games, pick up sticks and Tiddlywinks (all you need for this is counters and a cup)


 The Daily Five – Project



To celebrate V.E. Day please make some red, white and blue bunting with your family.  Then you can string it up to show you are celebrating this special day.

When you take it down write a common exception word (don’t choose ones you know rather choose trickier ones) on each piece and string it up in your bedroom so you can see and practice your words.



5. The Daily Five - Reading and Reading Comprehension


Choose a book from Oxford Owls or Big Cat Collins e-books.  The links are at the start of the home learning page for Year 2.  Enjoy reading it and then write your own book review about it .