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1. Maths 

Please spend 20 minutes at least on your numbots account. I have noticed that there hasn't been a lot of change in the 'minutes played' for a couple of children. Please ensure this is kept up regularly. It doesn't only have to be done when I list it as a daily three activity, it could be done everyday if your child is willing! 


2. Literacy 

Write a recount of you week at school or at home. Recounts are like a diary entry. They include time connectives (After that, next week, On Monday) and are written in the past tense (went, ran, hopped, talked). Underneath, draw a picture of your favourite thing you have done this week. 


3. Topic (Week long Project) 

This week we are looking at carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Over the week I would like the children to create a poster for an animal belonging to each group e.g. lion (carnivore), rabbit (herbivore) and monkey (Omnivore). In the poster I would like the children to include a big title with the animals name (lion), a big, beautiful picture, a sentence describing what kind of animal it is (A lion is a carnivore because it loves to eat meat) and finally a fact file containing other facts about that animal (a lion is a mammal, a lion runs fast, lions live in packs).