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1. Maths 

Spend 20 minutes on your Numbots account - I have noticed that a couple of you are stuck on your level. That's right, I can see everything you are doing on your accounts! I can also see who hasn't been on Numbots for a while! 



2. Virtual Sports Day Activity

Event 5 – Target throw – no time limit –


Distance – 2 x height – Heel to toe total x 2


Measure out the distance and place markers at each end. Choose and end you are throwing from and place an empty upturned cup or small target object at the end of 1 x height (you may need to heel-to-toe check this). Place another target object at the very end of the marker so 2 x height. Place a third target marker in between the ones you have already placed so 1 and a half of your height. These are your markers you will be trying to hit – ensure they are in a straight line.


Start from the end you chose to throw from, and you have 3 attempts with your throwing object. You can roll or throw. The target only needs to be touched – not knocked over (if it is knocked over stand it back up). If you touch the closest target – 1pt, second target – 2pts, third target – 3pts. If you only have one ball, then collect each time and then throw.


Write down your score after three shots at the target. Remember you get three SCORED attempts and unlimited practices. Do not confuse the two. A scored attempt is whatever you got; you cannot opt out halfway through.