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Friday 5th June

Eeeeeeeek, it's the last day of the weeeeeek!

1.The Daily Three – Maths


Mental Maths:  NUMBOTS: 

This week I am setting you a challenge:  Have a go at moving up a level this week.  Remember to have your user name and password ready.  It is in home school pack and in the cover of your blue Home School book.



We are looking at analogue and digital clocks today:

Analogue clock:              

and a digital clock:  which only has numbers. The number show the minutes past or to the hour.  Quarter past 8 = 8.15


Have a go at playing this maths game:


2. The Daily Three – Literacy


TODAY'S Phonics for all group:  Common Exception Words – please practice writing 6 of the words three times each and then use them in 4 sentences!


3 The Daily Three – Reading Comprehension


Today please answer the questions from Chapter 4 and 5: ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. 


Continue to use the reading comprehension questions for each group:

Pink Group, Red Group and Yellow and Blue Group (from yesterday's worksheets)


As a reminder to help you if you cannot remember what happens in each chapter of the story, you can listen to each chapter of the story from

Week 5:

Thursday - Chapter 4

Friday – Chapter 5