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Friday 5th June

Happy Friday everyone!


All my roses are flowering now!                  Mrs T has just made some lovely      

This is the "Princess of Wales" rose.            home made fresh bread, all warm

It was the only rose that Princess              straight out of the breadmaker!  Yummy!

Diana chose to be named after her and 

it was sold in her memory. I've had this

rose since 1997 and it's still as lovely

as ever!


Today you have a choice for maths.  You can continue to practise your timestables on TTRockstars or have a go at the Maths Challenge.

Today questions 1 to 5 are most suitable for Year 4, but you could get your family involved and try the rest!



You can use the instructions below to create a leaflet, or make one on Purple Mash. You could use this template, or search for leaflets in Purple Mash and choose a different template!

Purple Mash gives you space images you can use, or, if you click on the "Space" drop down box there are a lot more images. Alternatively, you can draw your own using the paint tools.

Inventors the Egg Drop Challenge

Today I want you to become inventors again! This time I challenge you to the Egg Drop Challenge.


In this challenge, you are going to investigate if you can drop an egg without breaking it.


You may need newspaper, paper towels, straws, old socks, balloons, string, fabric or masking tape.


See if you can drop it from standing on a chair, without it breaking. You may need adult help with this, remember to stay safe!


Watch this video to see how these children solved the problem, but please DO NOT COPY the height they chose to drop it from without adult help. A chair is high enough to try this experiment!


EGG DROP CHALLENGE! Try not to break it!

Did you know that on Friday 5th June there will be a Strawberry Moon starting about 8pm in the UK.  There will also be a partial eclipse where the moon passes the faint outer shadow of the Earth, known as a penumbral lunar eclipse.


You can read more about it here on BBC newsround