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Friday 4th December


Today we are making Christmas cards! We are using paint printing to make a penguin but you can use whatever materials you have at home. The front cover needs to have a Christmas picture and inside, we will show the children how to layout the words using our best handwriting. If your child is sending cards to family or friends, this might also be a good opportunity to do a few!


Forest School

In Forest School today, we are thinking about textures. Look in the garden and around the house for different kind of textures and shades such as, rough, smooth, soft, bumpy, hard. Now we are going to experiment with different types of groups. Group the objects according to textures - are there some objects that can be two typss of textures e.g. hard and smooth? Can you put the dark shades together? Can you put the hard and dark objects together?


If the children are missing our daily nursery rhymes, the link to Mother Goose Club can be found here (we are in Autumn Term 2). They also enjoy singing along to our 'count to 100' song here