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Friday 3rd July

Fabulous Friday!!


Sports Day Number 5 - Target Throw

Once you have completed all 5 events, please send me your completed charts on dojo so I can complete the score form for Mr C.

  1. The first cone is 1 heal to toe distance
  2. The last cone is 2 head to toe distances
  3. The middle cone is in the middle of the first cone and the last cone


Then roll or throw a small ball.

PE with Mr C -Warm up - Running through the Jungle - Rec - Yr 4

Virtual Sports Event - PE with Mr C - Event 5 - Target Throw

Event 5 in the Virtual Sports Event series - Target Throw


Shape puzzles.

Have a go at this challenge designed to make you think!

There are 2 worksheets, you can choose to do either or both!

Shape Puzzles Part 1, Y3 & Y4

Exploring addition and subtraction through shape puzzles. Some great reasoning and an introduction to algebraic thinking for children in Y3 and Y4!