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Friday 3rd April



It was really windy down at the      Mrs T hopes you're all keeping up 

beach this morning!                    with your reading!

Good morning from Ms Bradshaw and Mrs Tasch!

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Divide 1 or 2 digits by 100


Your decimal slider will come in really handy today! 


Write the number and then slide it along 2 places.. Don't forget the 0 place holder in the ones column if there is nothing there.

2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Answer the questions about clouds from the sheet. Don't forget to use full sentences in your answers!


What colour are clouds?

Why are some clouds different?

What causes clouds?

Can you make a cloud disappear?

Do clouds weigh anything?

Can you measure a cloud?


If we could all fly, how would the world be different?

3. The Daily Five - Outside Time



Lay down somewhere outside where its safe and look up at the clouds..


What shapes can you see in the clouds? Try drawing some

4. The Daily Five - Project - Easter

Write a prayer for Easter and decorate the border


Think about new life and new beginnings, families and friends