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Friday 3rd April

Good Morning from Miss Eggby! This is your final daily 5 before the Easter holidays and you have all done great! There are a few pictures below that a couple of you wanted to share. Firstly we have Austin L’s, Ava M’s, Olivia’s, Verity’s and Sophie’s fraction walls which are looking fantastic! Secondly we have Miss Chorley and crew doing their NHS clap last night, thirdly we have Betty’s beautiful Easter card and Eva’s brilliant bug house and finally you have me giving you a thumbs up and showing you how I’m going to be starting my Easter holidays (eating mini eggs!). Well done for all of your hard work, have a lovely rest over the Easter, stay safe, eat chocolate and make the most of playing outside when you can! I look forward to seeing you all very soon. 




1. The Daily Five - Maths

Well done! You have got to Friday and also the Easter Holidays! For your maths, either log onto TT Rockstars or go outside and practise your times tables with someone at home.

2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Please complete your final diary entry of the week. In this, as well as writing about your day, I would like you to write what you are excited about over the Easter holidays and what activities you might do to keep yourselves busy and active. 

3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Go outside, firstly have a look if there are any more bugs inside your bug hotel. Note these down if there are! Then, create an exercise challenge that you can give to someone when you are back in school. For example, it could be to do 10 star jumps and run on the spot for 30 seconds without stopping. You can make it as hard or as easy as you want. Can you have a go at completing your own challenge?

4. The Daily Five - Project

Draw some small Easter pictures (for example eggs, chicks, rabbits), cut them out and hide them outside. You are going to create an 'Easter hunt' for someone in your family. With each picture, could you include a clue as to where they could find the next picture? See if they can find all of your pictures!

5. The Daily Five - Reading

Read a book (or part of a book) from home or from Oxford Reading Owl and log it onto your reading log.