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Friday 26th June

1. Maths 

Today, please focus on number bonds and mental maths. Spend 20 minutes on numbots and then to consolidate number bonds have a couple of goes on 'hit the button'. This is a great resource to support instant recall of number bonds to 10 or 20. Select number bonds and then choose to 10 or to 20. 


2. Literacy 

Following on from our work on BBC bitesize yesterday on days of the week, please complete the worksheet found under today's resources. Not only will the children be practising spelling the days of the week, but they will also be thinking of the days that come before and after. 


3. Topic

British Birds - Take a look at the different kinds of birds we might find in the UK using the powerpoint. Then head outside and see if you can spot them! Make sure you take out your bird spotting sheet to mark down the ones you see. When you come back in, have a go at completing the british birds wordsearch. 

Today's Resources: