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Friday 26th June

Happy Friday Year 3!! I had a delicious ice lolly yesterday in the sunshine!
Have a lovely weekend!



Mental Maths

Please complete 10 minutes of TT Rockstars.



Today you are looking at more lines! Today you have 'parallel' and 'perpendicular'... big words but not too tricky to understand.


Please watch Lesson 4 - Parallel and perpendicular


Parallel lines are 2 lines that are opposite each other and will never meet. They look like this:


Perpendicular lines are 2 that are not parallel, at some point they will cross over, they look like this:


Questions 8 and 9 are your challenges today!



Willow and Oak Group Phonics

You have a Year 3 Common Exception word search to complete, these are Year 3 words!


Whole Class Writing Task

Please either finish your writing today if you decided to complete it over 2 days. If you have already finished, please draw a labelled diagram that helps explain how to see your creature that could go with your set of instructions.



What makes you smile? Draw a big smiley face in the middle of the sun and write around it what makes you smile. You can colour it however you like!