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Friday 24th April

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Using the picture of the characters from the film, Madagascar (in the resources section below), ask the following number questions:

1. How many animals are there altogether?

2. How many are there in each group of animals?

3. Using the number line (or objects if that helps more), what is one more? What is one less?

4. Challenging question! How many more monkeys are there than elephants?



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

It is our final day learning about African animals. Today, we are going to learn the word, 'endangered' ("animals that are in danger of disappearing forever"). Watch this video together to find out about endangered animals (video is towards the end of the page).


Lemurs are also endangered. Together, make a poster with the title 'Save the Lemurs!'. We have only made posters ('save the pandas!') once, so they may need some help with presentation e.g. a big bold title, lots of colourful drawings, a border around the edge of the paper. 



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Ruffed Lemurs like to climb trees to stay safe from predators ("an animal that hunts other animals"). On your walk today, find the tallest tree for your imaginary Ruffed Lemur to hide. Adults - this is an opportunity to practise the vocabulary around height, 'taller', 'tallest'. To give your child a challenge, try to encourage a comparative sentence, "That tree is taller than that tree".



4. The Daily Five - Project

We have learnt a lot about animals in Africa and about Madagascar this week. Wrap up this week's learning by watching this video...the children should know lots of this information now!



5. The Daily Five - Reading / phonics

Using the phonic flashcards in the Home Learning pack, hide them around the house or garden asking your child to name them as they are found. Keep practising the ones they are struggling with!

I would like the Foxes Group to be very confident with the digraphs and trigraphs from Phase 3. I would like Rabbits Group to be very confident with all 26 individual letter sounds from Phase 2 (a-z).