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Friday 24th April

It's Friday!!



And today my son Jack and our cat Jivey     Mrs T has found some beautiful


The Daily Five

1. Maths

Have a go at the Friday Maths Challenge!


The most suitable questions for Year 4 are 1,2,3,4 & 5 

but working with your family on the rest of them could be a fun challenge for you all!

2. Literacy

Learn these spellings from the story

Download the pdf below to have a go!

3. Outside Time

The final activity for our Gross Motor Trail is


Remember to do all 5 activities today!

1. Wonderful Walking

2, Bean Bag Challenge

3. Wall Warm Up

4. Ball Skills

5. Whirl and Twirl

4. R.E

The Hindu Religion

We are learning about the Hindu religion. Hinduism has lots of different traditions and practices. All Hindus believe in learning as much as you can and that truth is eternal (this means the truth goes on forever).


Hindus have one god that they call Brahma and Hindus believe he created the universe. He can be shown with 4 heads to see in every direction. He holds holy books and sits on a lotus flower which is a beautiful big pink flower. 


Watch this clip to learn about Brahma


Use a clean page in your book and draw Brahma in the middle of it looking in different directions.

Remember to add a garland round his neck, the lotus flower sits on and his holy books and beads in his hands.

Then draw around him what Hindus believe he has created- remember the sea, birds , animals etc.

Make your picture as colourful as possible.

5. Reading


Keep on reading your books. Don't forget to record what you have read on your sheet in your learning packs!