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Friday 22nd May

It's Fabulous Friday! 

and next week is half term! so no home learning! Relax and enjoy and stay safe!


My chicken May thinks she is a cat!          Mrs T is hunting for her first cucumber!

She's discovered the cat biscuits!!


Daily 5

1. Maths

Have a go at the Fraction Wall game on Purple Mash today,


After you login Click on the 2Dos at the top and then have a go at the fraction wall game (it's a little bit like Tetris)

2. Literacy

When? Who? What? Why? Where?

Have a go at writing an opening paragraph using these words.  You have to use them all, so make sure your paragraph makes sense and you don't skip any out!!

3. Keeping Fit



Cosmic Kids Yoga | SUPER YOGA! - Dinosaur Disco | Fun Workout For Kids

A 5 minute fast-paced yoga-based workout for kids. Get the wiggles out and build your knowledge of all the kids yoga poses - for home, the classroom and part...

4. R.E

Dharma can be different for each of us. For example for Ms Bradshaw and Mrs Tasch it is important we help children learn - but you don't do that because you are not teachers. 


Dharma is different at different times - for example it is right to put your hand up in class to speak - but not needed when you are chatting to your Mum.

You have many different roles in your life - Write down 2 things for each of these that show you are thinking about doing the right thing. 

  a. Son/daughter

  b. pupil

 c. sister/brother( if you are)

 d. friend

 e. granddaughter/son

 f. team member


For example for 'b. pupil ' you might write I listen to my teacher to be respectful.



What different roles may you have to think about when you are older?

5. Reading

Keep reading, and today try to read somewhere creative. 


Like the trampoline, a blanket fort, the park, the playhouse in your garden, under  your bed or read by torch.

How creative can you be?