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Friday 22nd May

Good Morning Year 3! Happy Friday and Happy Half Term! 

I just want to say how proud I am of every single one of you. No matter how much learning you are doing at home, the fact that you are all still striving everyday is a huge achievement. Please take time to rest next week, enjoy the sunshine as much as you can and play lots of fun games. I miss you all so so much and I am so excited to see you again soon. I look forward to about hearing about all the fun things you are going to do next week. You are more than welcome to send activities you are doing or games you are playing to your portfolio on dojo if you have done something and would like me to see, I‘ll still be looking at it over half term :)


My update of my day yesterday: I had quite a productive day! I went for a walk in the morning to the post office (although I got there and it was closed!) but the sunshine was beautiful, I then sat outside for the afternoon and did lots of online training, in the photo I am doing some maths! I am still doing my learning alongside you guys too! 

Have a great half term Year 3!

1. The Daily Five - Maths

TT Rockstars to end your week! Times tables and a battle are set for you. Remember, you can continue to practise these next week if you would like something to do! :)


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Here is the final episode of Carrie's War:


I would like you to then fill in this worksheet. You can print this worksheet by clicking on the link below the daily 5, or there is a picture of it here and you can just write it out in your books!


Oak Group Phonics:  Common Exception Words – please practice writing 6 of the words three times each and then use them in 4 sentences!

3. The Daily Five - Project

I am stealing Sophie's wonderful idea today. I have attached a link for the rainbow at the bottom if you would like to print one, or you could draw one. Inside of each colour, pick a common exception word that you can practise. In the clouds, could you pick 2 of your words and write a sentence using them?

4. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Complete an exercise video of your choice.

Choose what YOU would like to do outside today, you could play a game with someone in your family, you could look back through some of the daily fives and see if there were any outdoor activities you found super fun that you would like to complete again, or just play!


5. The Daily Five - Reading

Complete some reading of your choice and note this down in your reading log.