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Friday 1st May

It's Fantastic Friday again!!


Not a picture of me today. My daughter      Mrs T found a new lane on her daily

picked up our piggies and they thought         walk! Doesn't it look exciting!

they would hide in her hair. They aren't

very good at hiding!!



Daily Five

1. Maths

It's the maths challenge again!

This time the most suitable questions for Year 4 are 1,2,3,4 & 5

Don;t forget to read the questions carefully.. the words are there to try and trick you!

In question 2  you might want to draw a bar model to help you.

Question 3 has three parts:

a) work out how many packs Max has altogether

b) Find out how many he gave away by taking awsy the 27 he has left

c) divide your answer by 3

Question 5 is a little tricky, until you realise that t x is part of the angles in a circle

If you know that the total degrees in a circle are 360.

All you need to know now are what each angle in a square is and what each angle in an equilateral triangle is



2. Literacy

Write your story:

Today we are only going to write the FIRST part of the story, Please do not hurry to finish it today We are going to write it together to make sure it is an amazing story!

  • We want to give lots of detail today about your character
  • We also need to describe their day:


"Every day, "

"When the sun was shining "

"After lunch,  "

"There she would sit,  "


Make good use of Fronted adverbials AND DON'T FORGET THE COMMAS afer them!!


3. Outside Time


So you have become quite practised now at Scavenger Hunts

Today I want you to design one of your own for someone in your family to do.

Will you make them find shapes? Certain colours? Certain materials?

Will it be inside, or outside or both?

Will you ask them to arrange things in a picture? or label them?


The challenge is yours to set!

4. R.E - Hindu Deities

Watch this as a reminder about Brahman.


Hindus believe in the one god - Brahman. They also believe that he can change to many forms to be born on Earth and to help people when they need it. These are called different deities and there are many of them to help with different parts of our lives.


Here is a powerpoint about some of the Hindu deities - have a look but don't worry if you can't remember them all as there are a lot. You can read about some of the main ones in the pdf below


You have a choice of activities now.

  1. Design a poster with the heading Hindu Deities. Make it fun and colourful but try and make it as clear as possible to show some of the main Hindu Deities. Use the powerpoint to help you and of course any of your own research. Try and include labels to show what the deities are known for. For example if you draw Parvati, You might put the words POWER and Strength around her. If you are not keen on drawing pictures of whole people you could use symbols, For example coins and treasures to show the wealth of Lakshmi.
  2. Ganesh is an interesting deity especially for children because he is a child ( with an elephant's head!) Watch this video below about the story of Ganesh 


     Ganesh is considered to be brave and wise - Hindus believe he is there to help when you need to do something new. Design a poster showing Ganesh and filling it with little drawings of the things Ganesh could help you with. If you prefer you could just write a paragraph and decorate around it.

How Lord Ganesha got his Elephant Head? | Mythological Stories from Mocomi Kids presents: How Lord Ganesha got his Elephant Head? How Lord Ganesha got his elephant head Indian mythological story Ganesha is one of the ...

5. Reading

 Today is all about Retrieve

That means to get or bring (something) back from somewhere.

1. What was the name of Pippa's new creation?

2. What was the green liquid contained in?

3. What was the weather like?

4. What happens when  a coin is placed upon a drop of Infinitum?

4. How would you describe this story? Fiction or non-fiction? Explain