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Friday 17th July

Last day of term and your official last day at Weare First School! 

Well I don't think this is the best photo I've ever taken but, as you move on in your education I want you to remember this poster.  Don't stay stuck on the bottom step, remember you can do whatever you set out to as long as you want to. If you don't know how to do something, find someone who can help you and give everything you do a good try!  You will soon find out that you can do it, will do it and succeed. There are no limits to your learning.

You have been such an amazing class to teach, such a kind and generous, fun class and I am going to miss you all lots.

It's been so lovely to have you all in school these last two weeks and Mrs T and I are treasuring all these great memories of you and of Weare School.


We know you will all succeed and excel at your next schools, never forget the stars you are. When in doubt, look in your mirror and tell yourself,  "I are amazing!!"

Mrs T and teddy ready for their holidays under her fantastic tree fern!  Doesn't it look amazing!

Project - Last day of term!


So, on the last day of term we usually have a fun creative day, so today, that's what you should do.


  • Add some things to your memory book, before you forget!
  • Blow bubbles
  • Make dens
  • Draw, paint or chalk pictures
  • Play outside in the sunshine - make or try a new game!
  • Try some gardening! See what you can grow from a pip or a seed! 



  • Make potions out of mud and apples!

  • And above all laugh and talk lots!