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Friday 14th May

Friday - Our last poem for this week is: Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen. A great way to start the last day of the school week!

Here is the link to the poem:  Chocolate Cake -

1.The Daily Five – Maths


Mental Maths: 

Choose from any one of the maths games you think you would like to play on:


Send me a message on Class Dojo to tell me which game you chose today!


Today:  Measure using decimetres.


TO START:  Make yourself a decimetre strip of paper or card which is 10 centimetres long and cut it out so you can do all the activities!


Document at the bottom of the page: Friday Maths 


I would love to see you work on Class Dojo!


2. The Daily Five – Literacy


TODAY'S Phonics for all group:  Make a list of words  that  from your test last week you struggled to spell and then have a go at practicing 10 of them 3 times and write 5 sentences.

3. The Daily Five - Exercise and Outside Time


Last Dance:  Choose your favourite dance of the week and have another go!!


The Daily Five – Project



Senses Smell:  Watch the clip from BBC Bitesize –


This time turn your page in your workbook to landscape and divide it into two columns : Yucky Smells and Smells I like. 


As you go through the day every time you smell something write it down under one of the two headings.


5. The Daily Five - Reading and Reading Comprehension


Choose a book from Oxford Owls or Big Cat Collins e-books.  The links are at the start of the home learning page for Year 2.  Enjoy reading it and then write your own book review about it. 






Friday Maths