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Friday 12th June

Good Morning Year 3!


Friday already?? Wow! What a quick week! You’ve all done brilliantly as always and all deserve a relaxing weekend! I really hope the weather gets a bit better so I can go outside more, but maybe I will just have to put my waterproof coat on!


Here is a picture of Miss Chorley’s crew out on their lovely walk yesterday!

And this is what I spent yesterday evening doing, cuddled up on the sofa with my dog Maisie watching TV! So relaxing! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Mental Maths

Please spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars.



It's Friday!! Have a go at making this 8 times table fortune teller to help you practise your 8 times tables. It's okay if you don't have a printer, you just need a square piece of paper, follow the instructions on the sheet below on how to make it, and then once you have made it you can put your calculations from the 8 times tables on the top, then the answers under the flaps underneath!




Willow Group Phonics

Please use the sheet attached below to practise 6 of your common exception words.

Oak Group Phonics:

Common Exception Words – please practice writing 6 of the words using the attached worksheet at the bottom of the page, three times each and then use them in 4 sentences!

Whole Class Writing Task

Please complete the task on page 13 on 'because'. Please write 4 sentences (you can use the sentences you have already wrote for 'when' and 'and/but' if you like!), have a go at experimenting with using because in the middle of your sentence and at the beginning.  This will allow you to explain WHY you did something when you come to write your jungle log next week! I have also attached the booklet again below.


Journey to the Jungle Workbook

Willow Group Phonics Common Exception Word Sheet

Oak Group Phonics - Common Exception words worksheet


It is important that we are taking care of ourselves and recognising our emotions, so on Friday's we will be completing some easy wellbeing/mindful activities. I know lots of you will be missing your friends and maybe members of your family, so I have got this activity for you to do today. Attached below is a template of a 'heart friend'. Either print out the template and fold the paper in half so you can see the template on one side, or fold a piece of paper in half and draw that template on. Cut around the person and the half a heart shape part, but make sure you don't cut where it says "fold". Once you have cut it out, you'll open it up and see you have 2 people with a heart in the middle. One of the people will be yourself, so draw yourself on there, and you could then draw whoever you want on the other side, this could be your best friend that you miss, or just someone who you really love and appreciate.