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The Educational Trust Fund



What is it and why do we need it?


The Weare School Educational Trust was formed as a registered charity in 1981.  It is the only way in which the School can fund the many extra activities available to the children.  It is an on-going fund, which is important for the continued development and success of the School.  It exists for the benefit of every child at Weare Academy First School, without the Trust money available to the School many of the ‘extra’ facilities would simply cease to exist. 



What does the Trust pay for?


Educational visits including workshops and the cost of the coach, visiting theatre groups, music groups, class enrichment resources and the day-to-day running of the swimming pool is all met by the Trust.  In the past additional funds accrued have also paid for ICT, PE and musical equipment.



What is the advantage of having a Trust?


As a charity the Trust is able to receive donations by means of Gift Aid, as every £1.00 donated is increased by approximately one third, courtesy of the Inland Revenue (provided the donations come from earned income).  As the funds grow, we are able to earn some interest on the monies.


To avoid repeated requests for donations for school trips/events, it was agreed that parents would be asked to make an annual contribution to the School.   We add up the cost of all our trips, visits, swimming pool etc and divide by the number of pupils in school; we then we ask for a donation of this amount.  So whilst this is a ‘donation’ we really need each parent to pay for his or her child, in order to allow such trips to take place.   There is no upper level of contribution but the suggested minimum is £60.00 per year per child for the 5 years that your child is at Weare Academy First School. 


Parents can, for whatever reason, decide that they do not wish to or, are unable to contribute to the Educational Trust Fund due to financial reasons.  In this case, no child will be excluded from any trip or opportunity to take part in an activity which we have to ‘buy in’. 


Payment for the Educational Trust can usually be made by standing order (either annually or bi-annually), bank transfer or  cheque.


We hope that you feel that the Fund contributions are an effective means of enriching our pupils’ education, and that you will be able to support our Educational Trust Fund.